What is your denomination?

We are a Reform congregation and we are officially affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. Our services utilize the Mishkan T’Filah: A Reform Siddur, and our Rabbinical visits are from educators and students of Hebrew Union College. Our services are open to all individuals.

What kind of people and families belong to UHC?

Our congregation is made up of all sorts of people! We have many families who have always been a part of this community, as well as members new to the area. There are families and singles, many with diverse backgrounds. We welcome all individuals to attend our services.

Do you welcome interfaith households?

Yes, we welcome interfaith households. One spouse does need to be Jewish (by birth or conversion), however, to apply for membership. Our congregation currently has several interfaith families and we welcome you. For more information on this please visit: https://www.reformjudaism.org/social-justice-advocacy/interreligious-relations

Do you welcome LGBTQ+ Households?

Yes, we welcome LGBTQ+ families. Our faith compels us to treat one another with respect and love, and these concepts very much extend to those within the LGBT community. For more information on the Union for Reform Judaism’s stance on these matters please visit: https://www.reformjudaism.org/social-justice-advocacy/civil-rights-0

What if I can’t afford a membership?

No one will be turned away for financial reasons. Although dues are a necessary part of remaining a functioning community, it is the people of the community that makes us strong. For more information on this please contact us and someone will be in touch with you.

What are ways I can become more involved?

All are welcome at our Friday evening services. We also try to offer Judaism 101 or Adult Education classes, as well as Religious School classes for eligible children. All women are encouraged to attend Sisterhood meetings. To be notified of upcoming events you can receive our bulletin or visit our Facebook page for regular announcements!

How do I make a donation to the Temple?

Donations can be made online by visiting the Donate menu item on this website, or donations may be made at any time and placed in the Treasurer’s Inbox at UHC. For more information on this, or to send a donation, please contact us. Common donations include those honoring a passed loved one or celebrating a life cycle event.

How do I check the community calendar?

You can sign up to receive our bulletin, check out our Facebook page, or look at our online calendar. Our online calendar is a public Google Calendar that can be incorporated into your own calendar.

How do I receive the monthly bulletin?

It’s easy, just contact us! Alternatively, copies are always available in the vestibule at UHC.